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09:22am 18/06/2006

Horse Lovers UNITE! haha checkthisout! -->


10:34pm 17/03/2006
  I would like to thank everyone that commented on my bitless bridle post awhile back. I talked to Nina's former owner who told me a snaffle, so i asked her what kind and she said that they rode her in a sweet iron snaffle. So I baught one and she is 100% better. No pawing at the ground and fighting like she was with my regular loose ring snaffle. I'm adding a couple pics, please tell me if it looks like the saddle is a good fit, this is a borrowed saddle until i get one someday, my western saddle is too big for her. Whenever I was riding her she seemed very comfortable. But if you see anything that is a little off please let me know, its been a long time since I even used a saddle. Cause I got Nina and Tommy in February and samson in october. I forgot to mention in my last post that I used to be flashy_shadow, I have a new account now.

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11:33pm 16/02/2006
  I took more pics of my two new ponies, these ones are much better than the first ones i took cause it wasnt such a crappy day the last couple days. I hope you don't mind but I posted some pics of my nonequine babies aswell.

Question for Hackney owners or people that have worked with them. Tommy has a really adorable head bobbing that he does when I lead him around. Is that a hackney trait or is it just because hes not yet trained. Hes a silly boy too, so he may just be being silly!

Warning ~ Alot of pics! X-Posted to several places! Cuteness overload!

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03:46pm 28/01/2006
mood: bouncy
Hey horsefans! My name is Emily and I have been a horse lover since birth. My mom was also a major horsenut so I tell people it's hereditary. I have never owned a horse and it's my dream to someday do that. I take weekly riding lessons and show the lesson horses when I get a chance. The first horse I ever rode was a lesson horse by the name of Too Hot. He's a fat, chesnut Arab. Sooooo cute! But recently I've gotten close (only from my end, mind you) to a horse named Town Clown. He's such a scamp! I just love him! Muah!
09:14pm 01/07/2005
  Hey everyone, im christina..im sort of new to livejournal, well i had one before that i posted in like every day but i forgot the password so i made a new one, and hardly any of my friends have one so i need some friends! haha ive been riding since i was 4, im involved in 4-h, and i ride hunter/jumpers and western. horsebackriding is pretty much my life and i dont know what i would do without it! ok well thats all for now :) ttyl guys & have a great night <3 Christina <3  
09:20pm 04/05/2005
mood: aggravated
Does anyone else have a horse that is a prick when it comes to his or her food. He doesnt really like me brushing him or trying to catch him while hes eating. Shadow wasnt real bad before but now hes pinning his ears back at me and trying to walk away from me. Sometimes he tries to bite me. Now that he turns away from me I wonder if hes going to start kicking next. >:( I used to be able to walk right up to him and snap the lead rope on his halter. Is there anything I can do to resolve this problem? Thanks bunches in advance.
09:59am 13/04/2005
  Hi everyone!

I would like to thank all of those who commented on my entry about Shadow sneezing alot. I appreciate all the help. Thanks bunches guys! :D *hugs* I have been wetting down his hay and for two days he has been sneeze free! :D :D :D Here are some pics of him hes still fuzzy lol

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Worried :( 
01:46am 10/04/2005
mood: sad
I'm so worried :( Shadow has been sneezing(I think it is sneezing) out of his nose real hard. He has been doing it occasionally for two days and now today he has been doing it more often. Does anyone know what this is? It couldnt have happened at a worse time. We are having temporary financial troubles this month and I hope its not serious cause I dont know if the vet will take payments. Pleae help! :(
Happy Birthday Shadow!! 
07:02pm 05/04/2005
mood: bouncy


Shadow had a very nice birthday. He had two cupcakes and got to dine on grass today cause it was so nice out. ^_^ I think he had fun and so did we. I have alot more pics of it but I have alot I need to do with them before I post them :(

02:47am 18/01/2005
  sorry to bother you guys again, but i just wanted to let you know that a petition has been organized to send to the publishers of the Thoroughbred series to keep the books going. even if you don't write an email or a letter, please take a second to sign the petition. every signature helps!

the petition can be found here: http://www.petitiononline.com/tblives/petition.html

thanks so much!
a desperate plea 
02:31am 07/01/2005
  i know i'm not a regular poster here, but i have a favor to ask all of you.

*slight pause* (you can tell how big the favor's going to be by the length of the pause afterwards, as per Jerry Seinfeld.)

one of my absolute favorite book series will be ending its 10+ years run shortly and i am absolutely crushed. i have been reading the Thoroughbred series since i was about nine and i don't care if i'm ten years past the recommended age limit, i still love them. they're cheesy horse books that are predictable and unbelievable but they are still some of my favorite books. and now the series is ending. since we are all horse people, i'm sure i can't be the only Thoroughbred series fan here.

a group of friends and i are trying to get as many people to help us out as possible. we are going to bombard the publisher with letters and emails telling them we don't want to see the series end. now, i'm finally getting to my point.

to anyone who is reading this, please, please, please help us out. anything would help, whether it be a real snail mail letter or just an email. you can write to them at:

HarperCollins Children's Books
1350 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019

or go to the webpage here.

please guys! i know there has to be some great letter writers out there! it doesn't even have to be a long letter...just something about how much you love the books (no one has to know that you don't really read them) and how you don't want to see the series end. and every letter and email will help in our attempts to bombard the publishers. and spread the word! we want to get as many letters and emails out there as possible!

i will be cross posting this everywhere, so apologies if you see it more than once.
10:45pm 22/06/2004
  I went out this evening to Steve and RaeMarie's and took pictures of the horses!

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Heh lots of pictures. Ee!
10:06am 19/02/2004
mood: content
Alright, I am the maintainer. Yay for me?

Once you join you should post a little intro about yourself =)
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09:59am 19/02/2004