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I went out this evening to Steve and RaeMarie's and took pictures of the horses!

This is the baby - Junior and his Mama "Oreo"

another of Junior. He's so cute!

This is Chief, he's so cute and he's such a good boy. It's going to break my heart when Lorie takes him to Virginia.

This is Chief and Missy. Missy is a sweet heart.

the Mac Daddy of 'em all; Dream. This is the stud at the place. He's Junior's daddy, along with Splashy a yearling that I have pictures of later.

another of Dream.

This is Fancy, a gorgeous buckskin mare. You can sorta see Taylor's head in it. Fancy is the half sister to Buddy - who I have a picture of later.

This is Foxy, who I was working with this summer. And Splashy. Splashy is a black and white paint filly out of Dream and Taylor. She's a sweet little yearling.

Missy's head got in this picture, but you can see Splashy's butt, most of Foxy (who is a bay paint) and Red. Red is a yearling who is out of the bay mare, Misty they have out back.

This is my baby Marley! And his pasture buddy Pookey. Pookey is a sweet five year old palomino paint gelding, who is a dream to ride and is going to make one hellova working horse.

This is Meghan. She's a buckskin yearling filly out of Fancy. She's a sweet heart, and will probably round out around sixteen hands before she's done growing.

And here is Red trying to eat my camera.

This is Taylor. She's the queen bee of the mares. A big black girl. Heh. She's the mama of Splashy.

This is Thunder, who is a bay paint mare who belongs to Steve's eldest son Chris (she's a little sweetie, loves people and to work) and Buddy. Buddy is a four year old gelding (seal bay) and the half brother to Fancy. Buddy is Steve's main ridding horse. He's so versatile and...just amazing to watch move.

Heh lots of pictures. Ee!
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