Anyone up for a trail ride?

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This community is for horse lovers of all disciplines and ages to come
and get to know other horse lovers. You do not need to own a horse. Feel
free to ask for advice, but keep in mind this is the internet, if your
horse is down call a vet, all the advice we can give you cannot help a
downed horse without a vet!

Please do not use this community as an advertisement board, any horse for sale,
tack for sale, or any other for sale posts will be removed and the creator banned.
This is not a sales board, use AmeriHorse.com's auction site, ebay, or Equine.com
for that. This community is for dicussing horse related subject matter, including
stories about your horses, or other people's horses, boarding stables, advice
asking, and so on.


1) No Biting or Kicking - Be nice people, this is a community.
If a novice comes do not bash them. Any behaviour like this will
result in banning.

2) Stay in the pasture. - Do not get off
topic, LJ and GJ have hundreds of other communities on other subjects,
this is for horses and horse related issues please.

3) One picture under 300 x 300. If your
post contains a larger picture or multiple pictures please use
a LJ Cut Tag, copy and paste this:

<lj-cut text="Enteryourtexthere">

Edit the 'Enteryourtexthere' part with the message to get people to click.

Community is open membership, if issues devolp that will and can change. Every
month we will pick a member's horse and a member of the month, to apply send
a email to us with your horse or your story and a picture. The winner will be
announced monthly, winners will get a free credit to their AmeriHorse.com account,
as well as have their story and picture shared here in the userinfo. If we ever
get a paid community I will setup a layout that has a section for the winners.
(Hint hint.)

Enjoy the community!